The Old Library inspires

I recently caught up with my good friend Natalie Hayllar for lunch at the Old Library in Cronulla, Sydney. Natalie publishes Eat Read Love, the divine blog dedicated to love, food, books, design, photography and travel. Like Natalie, Eat Read Love oozes style and passion; I am always transported to another world when I read her posts and feel as if I have actually experienced the food or place - "in real life", as my four year old would say. If you live in Sydney or ever travel the road south and seek wonderful places, food, or simply enjoy a visual feast online, Eat Read Love is a must-read (start with Natalie's post - A New Chapter for The Old Library).

Apart from the sensational food and inspiring conversation, the atmosphere, created by Hecker Guthrie and stylist Sibella Court of The Society Inc, left its mark on me. The soft timber tones contrasting with graphic black and white lines is calming and the textures, in the more coarsely woven linen fabrics and timber panelled ceiling, add warmth. As a result, I'm researching a panelled ceiling for our cottage extension. I think it will contrast well with the concrete slab floor. If I could achieve the lines and height of the Library's ceiling, I'd be very happy as well. But then there's the budget...of course. 


Caviar walls

I came across this wallpaper by German company gohome over a year ago and am still looking for a home for it. Watching the fishing boats yesterday reminded me of it. Available from New Zealand company, Paper Room, it comes in colours: petrol, embers blue, mallow blue, baby blue and orange blue. The caviar design was inspired by a New York delicatessen window in SoHo, Manhattan. Each tin is different and you can choose from small (50cm) or large (90com) tins.


Patonga beach house - part two

Here is the second instalment from the Patonga beach house. I'm so glad I waited a day as we were lucky to have a visit yesterday by Kylie Dunlop and her gorgeous family. Whilst the dads took the little ones to the beach for a swim, Kylie got busy with her camera - these are her shots! I'm no photographer, but was grateful to learn a few things watching Kylie in action. She knows her stuff and I can see why her photography services are in demand. Specialising in natural light photography and preferring natural settings, Kylie mostly works with families. Take a look at her website here. The gallery and testimonials say it all. Thanks for a great day and doing justice to this home!


Patonga beach house - part one

As promised, here are some pics of our digs in Patonga. This gorgeous home belongs to my husband's family and has been decorated by the talented Kirsty Glenwright (featured previously here: Art to Love). It is peppered with her characteristically bright paintings, along with fun textiles and restored furniture, sourced locally. Set against a fresh backdrop of white painted floors and walls, it is difficult not to wake and feel happy in these spaces (the proximity to the water and relaxed vibe of this sleepy fishing village also help!). More to follow, tomorrow...


Desire to Inspire

If you are lucky enough to still be on holidays or back into your blog reading routine and looking for new inspiration, here is a brilliant list compiled by Kim and Jo at Desire to Inspire. I was thrilled to see Source included - THANK YOU! 

Desire to Inspire showcases Kim and Jo's passion for all things home beautiful. Kim, a web development designer lives in Ottawa, Canada and Jo, trained in interior design, is from Brisbane, Australia. Their blog is a visual feast and a go-to site when I'm seeking solutions for my clients. This one requires an entire pot of tea. Happy reading:).


On holidays

Apologies for the pause in posts - we have been holidaying in a tech free zone this summer. Swapping screen time for books, swims and walks (we didn't make it to bingo this year) has been a welcome change. I'm back on line now and will be sharing some coastal inspiration, including more art, more white floors and a frangipani or two...