House bling

Inspired by Confetti System's garlands, I had a go a making my own for my daughter's birthday last year. I'm now madly searching though our maze of boxes to see if I can add them to our Christmas decor here this year. The kids are in the spirit, blaring carols at six am this morning, and with four sleeps to go I think I need to step up! Beginning with the bling...


Christmas - Australian style

I admit I'm off to to a slow start this December when it comes to Christmas preparations. The childrens' calendars have taken over this month! Parties, dress rehearsals and costume making hasn't left much time for thinking about gifts or decorating the house. It hasn't, however, stopped me from scouring the web for inspiration. Christmas to me is the lengthening evenings, inviting outdoor dining with friends, magnolia's and proteas adorning my home and lots of loud music (mostly daggy Christmas hits) as the soundtrack to all the craziness! I hope you are enjoying your December:).