Sourcing for you

This is my latest sourcing project in the quest to create an adult space for parents to retire to at the end of the day or adjourn to at the end of a meal with friends. A place to read, work on a laptop, sip on a wine, converse or escape. Sources include Orson & Blake, Spence & Lyda, Chair Candy (create your own!) and Loom.


Fenton & Fenton's new website

Fenton & Fenton's new website launched today. This is one of my favourite online stores. It is all about colour and texture with these guys. Excuse me while I head off to my other tab just here for a bit of Chrissy shopping..


Funky chair covers @ The Home today

A quick post today. I just had to share today's 'The Home' sale. Check out these funky chair covers - so much fun! Details at: The Home.


Daybed comfort

Our foam daybed mattress finally succumbed to the rigours of childrens' jumping feet and the dog's daytime naps and ended up in chunky pieces.  I toyed with the idea of making my own but that seemed too hard (difficult hard). I wondered whether we could do without the mattress, just cushions but that also seemed hard (sore-backside hard). So last week when I came across these durable beauties (the mattresses not the babies), I grabbed the four I thought just might cover the large seat. Like jigsaw pieces they fit perfectly (just like our darling babies). Being in four pieces, they are much easier to store than one large single. The padding is dense so they don't slip about and as seen above, render the daybed delightfully useful once again. And the source? Aldi - $20 each!


Art and soul

On the hunt for a couple of colourful paintings for the big kids' bedroom, I happened upon these treasures. They are featured in the twin nursery designed by mum of twins Ali on the Chic and Cheap Nursery blog (a fabulous resource for those looking for practical and stylish baby-related decorating tips).  The paintings are by Copenhagen based artist Gitte Brandt. Ali and Gitte co-desinged the paintings and the result is personal; with quotes by Dr.Sueuss chosen by Ali. I do love a productive collaboration! See more of Gitte's charming pieces here.


Rug shopping on Temple & Webster

Today's sale on Temple & Webster includes these versatile indoor/outdoor rugs. I'm drawn to them right now as, with the gorgeous Spring weather drawing us outside, I am always grabbing something to pop the babies on (they are too tiny to lie on the grass just yet). One of these under the pergola would be fabulous. Check out Temple & Webster for their sale prices and free shipping offer!


Log side tables




Two huge old trees were felled on our block recently and we now have several lovely large logs to play with (along with great mulch and firewood!). Some of my favourite blogs have been featuring log stools and side tables of late. If time permits, I plan to grab some of the left over white paving paint we used on our floors and attempt to make a log table for our living room and perhaps a few stools to sit around the fire pit outside. The images above come from some fab blogs worth checking out: The kid collective, Style Me Green, and Scrap Hacker.



If you are considering wallpaper, perhaps take a look at this as another option. Ixxi offer a system whereby you can create your own stunning collage, enlargement or ixxi pixel. It involves attaching individual photos cards (made of high grade synthetic matte paper) to one another using the x's and i's included in the kit supplied. Using their online module you simply upload your favourite image(s) or choose one from their imagebank. They are based in the Netherlands but ship worldwide. The difficult part appears to be choosing your image!


Chunky timber pillars



I'm impressed! The fellas managed to build the frame for the fort over the weekend. I love that, even in this state, it has brought life to an unused corner of our backyard. I love the old railway sleepers they chose. I love the care and effort they put in. I love that the kids got involved shovelling dirt! I love that it was a glorious spring day yesterday. Their project has inspired me to somehow incorporate old timber pillars into our new living room...


Backyard forts




This weekend Will's dad is visiting so that they can begin work together on a fort for the kids. Rather than a traditional cubby we have decided to attempt something simple that the children can 'imagine' into anything depending on their current obsession - a boat, space craft, superhero vehicle, princess castle, observation deck, launch pad etc... The observation deck above (from Dude Craft) reminds me of clambering up onto our little semi's rooftop with my housemate in Brunswick, lugging pillows and a mattress one hot Melbourne night - looking up at the orange city-lit sky. Romantic, until we were bitten by enough mosquitos we had to scuttle back inside. I'd love to think our backyard can provide plenty of playful memories for our kids. They may like to embellish their fort with curtains, sails or flags, such as the puppy one above from Imagine Childhood. Part of the plan is to incorporate some landscaping. I love the central tree, dry river bed and rope bridge in the third image above. The kids bought Will an olive tree for father's day last weekend as a starting point. I'm excited for them. I'll post some pics once it is complete. Dad first needs to locate his hammer. My son coolly informed me this morning he had tossed it onto the roof playing 'Avengers'! Good luck boys:)...