Patonga beach house - part one

As promised, here are some pics of our digs in Patonga. This gorgeous home belongs to my husband's family and has been decorated by the talented Kirsty Glenwright (featured previously here: Art to Love). It is peppered with her characteristically bright paintings, along with fun textiles and restored furniture, sourced locally. Set against a fresh backdrop of white painted floors and walls, it is difficult not to wake and feel happy in these spaces (the proximity to the water and relaxed vibe of this sleepy fishing village also help!). More to follow, tomorrow...


  1. Anonymous12.1.12

    Great pics Mel. I remember this place fondly. It has such a lovely feel. Here is another blog you may be interested in looking at. materialgirlsblog.com. It's an American blog.

    If you guys are still in Sydney, come by we'd love to see you!

    Michelle xo

  2. Thanks Michelle! will take a look! Unfortunately we won't be stopping by Sydney this trip but will definitely call you on our next visit up xoxo