image via LJ Hooker Dickson
image via LJ Hooker Dickson
Sometimes knocking out an entire wall is a structural, costly 'no-go'. The solution here was to cut a hole instead. Voila - increased light and communication between the spaces as originally planned. Sources: builder.
image via Open2view
Designing a kitchen from scratch can be daunting. There are just so many choices. They key driver here was to ensure the back bench and wall were a feature and free of cabinets. This led to a novel pantry solution (the 'painting' in the back of this shot is a recessed three-door pantry). The feature tiles are black hand-cut Vetro mosaics. Sources: Mosaic tileskitchen.


image via Open2view
Salvaging a feature piece is a great place to start with a blank canvas of a room. It instantly gives the room warmth, a theme and I find the rest often falls into place from there. These butchers blocks were picked up by my husband (he still harbours his desire to be a butcher one day!) when our local butcher needed to upgrade. I can't imagine this room without them now. The perfect place to perch garden cuttings and candles. (Post script - we have since moved from this home and looking at this picture reminds me of the magnolia trees there - I really miss their lemon smelling blooms - they instantly bring past Christmases to mind!).


image via Peter Blackshaw Real Estate

This was a solution for a quick and inexpensive kitchen makeover. Until we extend our little cottage this will do just fine! Units are from Ikea and the butchers blocks are back on kitchen duty! Love preparing meals on these chunky beauties. Sources: kitchen cabinetsproperty purchase.


We recently moved into our new little cottage. On first inspection it appeared small and dim. It IS small (there's not much to be done about that until we extend - I'm not holding my breath!), however the dimness problem was easily solved. Off came the blinds and curtains, on went the 'whisper white' wall paint, up came the carpet, in came the sanders and on went the white paving paint. Seven days later we moved in. This will eventually become a bedroom, but for now it is our main living space. It faces north, so is a beautiful spot to sit with a cuppa on a cold, sunny winters' day. Out of shot is a fireplace currently being renovated - will share pics when it is complete... no regrets choosing white over black floors for this house. 


This was a rather long space to furnish and having spent most of our budget on the build, some re-purposing was called for. Our old dining table (v. narrow) became the bedhead. The perfect spot to perch my morning cuppa (and often children's blankys, brekkie bowls etc!), display my favourite family pics and pile our books. I bought the mirror from Ikea which captures the pretty light cast by the pendant in the adjacent ensuite. My only splurge was the Olivier Desforges Grizzly Throw (sourced locally at David Jones) to add some texture and soften the space. I get such a kick out of those times when necessity and function inform aesthetics!


  1. Cant believe the small changes you have made such an impact....I cant wait to follow along with this project! Your work is beautiful. Kx

  2. Thank you Kylie! It will be slow but a lot of fun as always. I do need some photography tips from you though!
    Mel x

  3. love the kitchen renovation. you have such great ideas Mel. looking forward to our catch up in Feb and getting some great kitchen tips from the Source!

  4. Thanks Nat, i found an idea for your kitchen the other day - i will post:) I'm also looking forward to Feb!