Raw upholstery

I recently attempted upholstery. The goal wasn't necessarily to finish up with a beautifully recovered chair (although my perfectionist self did have high hopes), but rather to have a reason to 'need to be somewhere'. Skipping out of the bedtime routine at home (I have two youngsters) and heading off to my upholstery class at evening college offered a welcome break each week. 

Our teacher was an old-school artisan, taught by his father. I admired the precision with which he expertly placed and tapped each and every tack and was inspired to go slow with this project. At times I found myself almost in a trance as I tugged and hammered and tugged and hammered, around and around the frame... uninterrupted, mindful work.  Bliss. 

Needless to say at the conclusion of the course I was only half way through my project. But I like the result! I could go back again for another term to finish it off, though I am having trouble imagining my raw chair any other way. I'm off to source some other raw upholstery gems and will share next post...post haste..stay tuned..

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