Gorgeous + Green Grandelier

I am still on the lighting hunt and was reminded about these curvy beauties when visiting a friend's recent renovation. She is looking to add some warmth and texture to her kitchen and is considering using these over her island bench. I hope she does as I am keen to get up close to appreciate the beauty of these creations (besides agreeing with her that they would look spectacular). Yes I am guilty of living vicariously through others' design projects! 

I found the Grandelier (top pic) at the inspirational State of Green last year and am delighted to see the range has grown with the addition of Genie 1 Bump and Genie 2 Bump (bottom pic). Love the names and the story behind (my favourite things always come with a story - making them that much harder to forget)..

They are created by Tasmania designer Loz Abberton using locally sourced and accredited Tasmanian Oak and Blackwood. Every piece has meaning with this range drawing on her rural background, environmental conscience and long conversations with her dad (a water diviner still living on the land). Loz says "the sultry curves of the Genies call on those great water storage trees, the Boabs". To get the full story pop over the State of Green's blog...

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